Social Pie Chart for Business Research

Shoppers Rely Heavily on Facebook for Research

Here’s an interesting report. According to G/O Digital, 62% of consumers who use social media to research a local and/or small business head to Facebook first. This falls right in line with what successful social media marketers know – while business users tend to flock to Twitter and Google+, the average shopper hangs out on […]

Snapshot of The Gender Divide

Online Shopping: How Men & Women Differ [infographic]

How different are men and women when it comes to researching products, making online purchases and sharing their finds with others? eCommerce intelligence platform MineWhat produced an infographic that shows the keys to success when marketing to men and women. While the company didn’t disclose how many online shoppers were surveyed or tracked, in my experience, the report appears to be quite valid.

Amazon A Logo

Should Small Business be Concerned over Amazon’s First Physical Location?

At the top of ecommerce headlines Thursday was a report by the Wall Street Journal that Amazon will open a physical “store” in Manhattan in time for the holiday rush. Should small business owners, including those with only an online presence, be concerned? Right now I have two answers to that question: Yes and No. I’ll […]

Screenshot of Chase's Grant Process

Help this Family Owned Business Reach the CHASE Panel Review Process

I don’t ask for much. When I do, it’s usually not for myself. Today I am asking my colleagues, friends and followers to “click to vote” for Fort Myers, Fl owned Elevator Works in their quest for a CHASE Mission Main St Grant. The company is co-owned by my brother in law, and the grant […]

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PeC: Drive Ecommerce Conversions with First-person Statements

If you want more people to create accounts, subscribe to your mailing list, and actually complete the checkout process, you have to stop telling them what they should do, and let them tell you what they want to do. Especially when the desired outcome is exactly the same. Read my post at PracticalEcommerce   (published […]

CC Example of Like Gating

Say Goodbye to Coupons & Contests Requiring Facebook Likes

On November 5th, Facebook’s new Platform Policies will affect thousands of micro and small businesses that generate page likes by offering coupons and contest entries, including the ones hosted by Mommy blogging and related websites. That’s when it will be against the rules to require a “like” for any kind of exchange (discounts, giveaways, etc.). I actually use […]

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Here’s Why I Posted all those Shareaholic Issues

Last month I reported on various issues regarding the Shareaholic WordPress plugin and suite of apps. While the bulk of responses I received from users was supportive, I did get quite a few questions, some not so positive. And that’s okay. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my methods to push my findings out […]

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