Infographic my Ometria

Many Shoppers are Disturbed by Personalized Ads & Content

I shop online all the time. I purchase regularly from little guys all the way up to giant etailer Amazon. And I’m always bothered by the flurry of retargeting done in effort to get me to buy something I may not have really even been considering. That’s not to say that retargeting itself is bad, […]

Optimizing Price for Products with Attributes, Options

PeC: Optimizing Price for Products with Attributes, Options

Many products sold online come in different colors, sizes, and flavors. When it comes to displaying such items to shoppers, it is important to make clear the options as well as variations in price. There are two primary ways to display differences in price for items with configurable options. One is to display the upcharge […]

Screenshot from Modest Email Buy

Will Purchasing Via Email Take Off?

Are online shoppers ready for one-tap buying within an email? If Chicago, Illinois firm Modest has anything to say about it, yes. Founded in 2012 by four engineers from President Obama’s reelection campaign, the Modest mobile platform works with some existing shopping carts to create a shopping app. The company’s latest feature, Email Buy, eliminates […]

Screenshot of Kohl's checkout highlighting zero savings

Does Highlighting Zero Savings Help Close More Sales?

While working on a post for Practical Ecommerce, I visited Kohl’s website. At checkout, I noticed something rather interesting… Highlighting that I’m saving $0.00 got me to click on the Cash & Promos link. Unfortunately, there were no codes or details on saving money there… It’s always a good idea to provide simple instructions on […]

Target's Lilly Pulitzer Landing Page

How We Can Learn from Target’s Mistake During Lilly Pulitzer Launch

Sunday’s launch of Target’s Lilly Pulitzer line resulted in ridiculously long lines at the company’s brick-and-mortar stores, and brought to a screeching halt. It’s no surprise that thousands rushed to get their hands on some of the summer’s hottest trends. We’d expect, however, more preparation from such a large business. Granted, no online system […]

Twitter announces change to Direct Messages

Twitter’s New Direct Message Update – Train Customers the Right Way

It’s always been a little tricky. After publicly reaching out to a company on Twitter, I’d often receive a request to follow the user so a rep could continue the conversation behind-the-scenes. Now, Twitter is allowing users to receive direct messages from people they don’t follow. The company announced the update on Monday. Businesses and […]

Responsive Web Design Infographic

In Laymens’ Terms, this is Responsive Web Design

With Google’s new updates that affect mobile search ranks for websites that aren’t mobile friendly, lots of small business owners are asking: “What exactly is responsive website design?” Fortunately, web design firm verve answers with this easy-to-understand infographic. Scroll down to read a few clarifications. While the info displayed above is accurate, let’s clarify just […]

Tea Muse: A Blog by Adagio Teas

6 Reasons Every Business Needs a Blog

No matter what you sell, or your target audience, your website needs a blog. A blog will help you connect with existing and potential customers, and provide a means for a steady inflow of traffic for years to come. While creating and maintaining a blog requires work, the long-term benefits are worth the sweat and […]

Screenshot: Google results for The Daily Mail - not mobile friendly

Will Your Site Be Punished by Google’s Friendly Mobile Update?

If plenty of the big guys are in line to see a drop in traffic due to unfriendly mobile versions of their websites, the small businesses can expect to see repercussion as well. Google’s latest update puts more focus on mobile-friendly sites, including online stores. The update – aka “Mobilegeddon” – is planned for April 21, […]

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