Image of head silhouette with caption: The right way to ask for guidance.

No, You Cannot Pick My Brain

I know, it sounds kinda selfish, but hear me out... Real professionals, especially those who use a humanistic approach in their business, are happy to share with others. Success stories, failures, opinions and hard advice based on … [Read Today's Post...]

TrueView for shopping on desktop

YouTube’s TrueView Lets You List Products Within Video Ads

So long, ugly and confusing YouTube annotations. YouTube is now linking video ads in the same backend dashboard as Google Shopping, making it easy for businesses to have related products automatically linked in their videos. TrueView for shopping lets you showcase product details and images, both of which can linked directly to buy pages. TrueView, in its standard […]

Ignite 2015

Meet Me at Ignite 2015

If you’re looking to grow your ecommerce business and boost conversions, you don’t want to miss Ignite 2015! Hosted by Practical Ecommerce, Ignite takes place September 16th and 17th in Dallas, Texas. It’s a must-attend event for ecommerce owners and marketers. Hurry! Use coupon code MAYONLY to save 50% off registration. sign up here On […]

The difference between traditional and social CRM

Should Businesses Ditch Traditional CRM?

Every business needs to focus on maintaining a healthy balance of attracting new customers and pleasing existing ones. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the key to growth and overall success. Yet, so many small- and micro-businesses are doing it wrong. This infographic from Visualistan points out the six main components of CRM, and how traditional […]

Image: Google Search with Ad Results

Google to Launch Buy Buttons on Mobile Search

I’ve long said that if you want to grab the attention of your target audience well, you need to sell on Amazon and offer Amazon Checkout as a payment option on self-managed webstores. Many etailers have avoided taking that plunge because they see Amazon as a direct competitor. The fact is, though, Amazon gets the […]

Graphic reads: Face it, you're not Amazon. In fact, you shouldn't even try to be. Be real. Be human. Be you.

Example of Bing's Mobile Test

Bing Follows Suit; Wants Mobile-Friendly Websites

If mobilegeddon didn’t inspire businesses to get cracking on launching mobile-friendly sites, maybe Bing’s mobile-friendly updates will. Microsoft’s search engine announced it’s also lending more weight to listings that link to sites that work across multiple devices. Bing won’t be as strict when it comes to listing results that are “most relevant”. In a blog post […]

People expect businesses to have a mobile site

Survey Says: Local Consumers Expect Mobile Sites!

Still think you should invest in a mobile app for your local business? Or that a mobile site isn’t necessary? Think again. SEO firm BrightLocal re-conducted a 2013 survey, whereas they asked 900 consumers about mobile usage and preferences when looking for products or services using mobile devices. Not surprisingly, the #1 business type was […]

Buffer Scheduling

How to Trickle Instagram Posts to Twitter

Automation tools are great, but using them properly is key. If you post several images to Instagram at the same time, using a buffering tool is a way to trickle out the tweets over time. In this example, I use IFTTT (a great tool for conditionally posting content or sending data to and from a […]

Fitbit Dashboard

How Chris Brogan and the Fitbit Have Increased My Productivity

Confession: I follow Chris Brogan. I listen to what he has to say, and often interact with his followers. Last year, though, Chris got on a health kick, and I started getting, well, bored… You see, Chris is a great business coach, and he speaks at many key events. He’s got the experience the big […]