Screenshot of Dana Garrison on Periscope

What is Periscope?

I get this question all the time. I've also been sharing with fellow Periscope users the need to educate their target audiences about the social tool that took off like a rocket. Simply put, so many people - even ones active on social media … [Read Today's Post...]

Visual Images Chart for Ads and Email

Study Shows Marketers Having Difficulty Reaching Target Audiences Properly

A recent study by Curalate reveals that, as a whole, marketers are failing when it comes to generating the right creatives for each channel. While 86% of marketers agree that the type of channel (social, email, online ads, etc.) dictates which image to use, 78% say they wind up using the same graphic across nearly all […]

Screenshot of me from my first periscope

My First Periscope

I’d been putting off for a while, and this weekend I sat down and Periscoped for the first time. I had my location turned off, so I didn’t appear on the map. And only three people came in. Okay, two left within a minute, and the lone user watching me didn’t chat once. So here […]

Stock photo with circle and line through it.

Stock Photos Could Be Hurting Your Business

Now, more than ever, internet users are visual. Design, colors, graphics, photos and other media all determine if they’re going to hang out for a bit, or leave before 8 seconds is up. We know that integrating images in web pages is key to illustrate points and break the monotony of lengthy text. The question […]

Google Logo 2015

Google’s Customer Match Lets You Target Existing Customers via AdWords

Online advertisers will soon be able to target existing customers via Google’s wide range of services. Customer Match, which was announced last week, is designed to let businesses use a list of email addresses to target people across search, remarketing channels, and more. The system requires that users are logged into their Google account, and […]

Graphic reads: Face it, you're not Amazon. In fact, you shouldn't even try to be. Be real. Be human. Be you.

7 Email Marketing Myths

7 Email Marketing Myths [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many argue about the health of email marketing. Some think it’s been replaced by social media, while others try to point out that recipients are trigger happy with that spam button. Unfortunately, plenty of reports are based on skewed data, or studies that include only a handful of test subjects. This infographic from Alchemy Worx […]

Return to Sender

How Much Do Bad Shipping Addresses Cost Etailers?

You wake up to find a flurry of online orders. Unfortunately, a few of them will be undeliverable. In fact, more than a few… According to a recent study by shipping integration firm EasyPost, 4.7% of customers make errors when filling out shipping forms. Among the most common? Typos and formatting mistakes that render an address […]

Screenshot: You know your passwords should be complex.

Lock Up those Passwords with LastPass

Move over pen and paper. And stop storing sensitive passwords in the browser. LastPass can handle it all, affordably. I’ve used many methods to store login information. From standalone apps and encrypted spreadsheets, I’ve tried it all. Password managers are designed to help protect this secret data, but most of them out there are buggy […]

Me, feeling carefree at the small beach on the lake

Feeling Carefree!

After a 10-day work trip to Arizona (I still have to write about that), I flew to Upstate New York to see my family. It was my first real vacation in nearly 10 years – by real, I mean it lasted more than three days. A week, actually. And while I had a few things […]

Yelp Logo

Can Yelp Survive?

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if Yelp fell off the face of the Internet. After all, the site is riddled with fake reviews, and the company’s practice of hiding a portion of useful, honest reviews is a big turnoff to users who just want to know if a business is worth visiting. According to […]

Google+ Logo

Google Nixing Tying a Plus Profile Across Services & Channels

Finally. Google is listening. When the search giant forced us to connect a Google+ profile to a YouTube channel, things got difficult. In fact, one client’s YouTube channel is still tied to an employee’s Google+ account instead of the rightful owner, despite several attempts to disconnect it from the improper account. While Google’s move to tie […]