Screenshot: You know your passwords should be complex.

Lock Up those Passwords with LastPass

Move over pen and paper. And stop storing sensitive passwords in the browser. LastPass can handle it all, affordably. I’ve used many methods to store login information. From standalone apps and encrypted spreadsheets, I’ve tried it all. Password managers are designed to help protect this secret data, but most of them out there are buggy […]

Me, feeling carefree at the small beach on the lake

Feeling Carefree!

After a 10-day work trip to Arizona (I still have to write about that), I flew to Upstate New York to see my family. It was my first real vacation in nearly 10 years – by real, I mean it lasted more than three days. A week, actually. And while I had a few things […]

Yelp Logo

Can Yelp Survive?

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if Yelp fell off the face of the Internet. After all, the site is riddled with fake reviews, and the company’s practice of hiding a portion of useful, honest reviews is a big turnoff to users who just want to know if a business is worth visiting. According to […]

Google+ Logo

Google Nixing Tying a Plus Profile Across Services & Channels

Finally. Google is listening. When the search giant forced us to connect a Google+ profile to a YouTube channel, things got difficult. In fact, one client’s YouTube channel is still tied to an employee’s Google+ account instead of the rightful owner, despite several attempts to disconnect it from the improper account. While Google’s move to tie […]

Graphic reads: Face it, you're not Amazon. In fact, you shouldn't even try to be. Be real. Be human. Be you.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid Infographic

Avoid these SEO Mistakes! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Need a crash course on Search Engine Optimization? While this infographic from Fertile Frog won’t teach you everything, it’s a great starting place to analyze what you may be doing wrong. Google is getting more and more humanistic in its approach to determine what web pages are worthy of viewership. The tips within focus on […]

Social Media Success Summit 2015

Save 60% on Social Media Success Summit 2015

It’s that time of year again – when thousands of online business owners and marketers attend a 3-week-long virtual event designed to increase brand recognition, website traffic and ecommerce conversions. The Social Media Success Summit (SMSS) is the place to gain in-depth knowledge and proven tactics. It’s the place consultants like me stay further educated. And […]

Screenshot from Michael's Online Store

What to Include in Navigation for Higher Conversions

With the average attention span of online shoppers decreasing — reportedly, we now have no more than 8 seconds to inform web visitors of important details — the tried-and-true methods of navigation are changing. For years, the most common way to present shipping details, guarantees, size charts, and other pertinent product and order information has […]

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Welcome to the 8-Second Era

The attention span of the average internet user has greatly decreased. Research shows that it’s about 8 seconds. That’s how long you have to grab someone’s attention, and marketers have a difficult time determining how to leverage that short amount of time to get users to take action. Obviously, the key is communicating that the […]

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CoSchedule: The WordPress Calendar and Social Post Scheduler Everyone Needs

Creating great content is only the first step in attracting visitors and boosting conversions. People have to be informed about the existence blog posts and articles. CoSchedule, an editorial calendar and social media planner for sites running WordPress, saves time and frustration when it comes to getting content seen. I’ve tried many scheduling tools for blog […]

Picture of a beautiful sunset.

Don’t Miss those Short-Lived Big Moments

I’m still in Arizona. Yesterday it hit 114 degrees. Even with only 22% humidity, it was unbearable! I was able to hop outside for a few moments to be taken in by this beautiful sunset. The unique cloud pattern was mesmerizing. And in less than a minute, that perfect sight was gone. I shot this pic […]