I Kinda Predicted this iCloud Hack

Mary E Winstead Tweets about Being Hacked

The internet's buzzing about 4Chan's promotion of an iCloud hack, resulting in public posting of various pictures of celebs in the nude. Pictures of high-profile celebrities like Ariana Grande, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence were leaked Sunday after what many call a large-scale hack. 4chan is an imageboard site where users post anonymously. It originated in 2003, focused on … [Read more...]

Hijacking this Hashtag was Brilliant… And Totally Acceptable

Screencap of hashtag hijacked to promote awareness of how heat kills dogs

We've all been there. We click a Twitter hashtag of interest, and are stuck siphoning through spam. That, or a company creates a hashtag that totally backfires. Which begs the question: When is it okay to hijack a hashtag? Before you say never, check this "hijack" out for the #HotDogDay (used heavily on July 23rd for National Hot Dog Day): Two thumbs up for this great … [Read more...]

Finally You Can Save Facebook Content


It was long overdue, but Facebook has finally realized that both professionals and media fanatics only have 24 hours in the day. Facebook Save was introduced this week, allowing mobile users to save content for later viewing. "Every day, people find all sorts of interesting items on Facebook that they don’t have time to explore right away," wrote Daniel Giambalvo, a Facebook … [Read more...]

Sometimes Turning Customers Away is a Good Thing

Sign posted at Starbucks says its out of coffee, tea, and more.

During a recent visit to my local Starbucks, I saw this sign in the window. Wait. Did they really post a hand-written sign on the door stating there was no brewed or iced coffee, iced tea, oatmeal or Americano? They sure did. And it was smart for business. Any coffee shop that knows its customers knows a fair percentage are pressed for time. During morning rush hours, … [Read more...]

Would People Buy Your Products on Facebook?

Screenshot of Facebook's Buy Button Test

Facebook wants to know if its massive user base wants to buy products on-the-fly. The company announced this week that it is testing a new program for small- and medium-sized businesses that would allow merchants to sell directly via Facebook. If you're a Facebook user, you've probably already seen plenty of "recommended posts" in your timeline—these are paid posts that … [Read more...]